Google Ad Grant Account Management

Every charity gets $10,000/month free ad spend from Google. I can help you maximise the grant to increase visits, email signups and donations.

Google gives charities $10,000 per month to spend on ads as a free grant. Charities can apply for the grant, and once approved, start showing ads on Google.

The process of setting up the grant ad account and managing it to meet Google’s compliance rules can be complicated. I have a certification in Google Ads and ten years of experience with helping charities to maximise the full value of the ad grant.

A small investment in my Google Ad management service leads to a highly successful program that will dramatically expand your reach.

How It Works

1) Analytics Setup

I will create conversion goals and make sure everything is tracking correctly.

2) Keyword Research

I will research your competitors and search trends, and list hundreds of potential keyword targets.

3) Ad Writing

I will write ads that match your brand voice and attract new supporters.

4) Landing Page Review

I make sure your landing pages are optimized for conversion.

5) Optimisation

I will monitor your account daily and keep optimising the account to increase conversions.

6) Reporting

I will create a dashboard to give you real-time results of how your campaigns are performing.

Why Use A Google Ads Account Manager

Dedicated account managers stay up-to-date with rule changes and new bidding strategies and focus on one single goal: maximising your $10,000 to get the most visits, signups and donations.

10 Years of Experience

I have spent over $10 million on ads throughout my career. I will apply all my knowledge and learnings to max your performance.

Save Time

Every charity employee manages a workload of at least 2 full-time jobs. Outsource a key task to a seasoned pro and improve your job performance.

Analytics Expert

I can install google tag manager and configure google analytics to correctly report on all key actions taken on your website.

Only £300 Per Month

Ad grant management costs £300 per month. I am mission-driven and extremely efficient, so I keep costs low but results high.

Case Studies

Peace Direct

I fixed account compliance issues after the 2018 rules came into effect, expanded the keyword targeting, wrote hundreds of matching ads, improved analytics conversion tracking and installed optinmonster popups to capture more email addresses. The result was hundreds of new email signups and a 30% boost in website traffic.

Action Against Hunger

After I left my full-time position at Action Against Hunger, I took on the sole focus of managing the google ad grant account. I expanded the geo-targeting, installed new conversion tracking, and completed a competitor analysis that resulted in adding thousands of new keywords to capture more search engine market share. Conversions increased by 70% and we maxed the ad budget.